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What Are The Affordable And Quality DSLRs?

Many photographers, both amateurs and advanced professionals are constantly asking the question: what are the best DSLR Cameras for me?People value photographs and videos because they keep memories alive. Moreover, these are an effective way to communicate with near and dear ones all over the world. They are also important for staying in touch with family if traveling on business or for fun. This is why so many people around the world are looking for the best DSLRs daily. Let us look at some of the best Digital SLR cameras available.

1. The Nikon D7000:

It is one of the best Digital SLR cameras. It is a DX-format DSLR, a 6.2 MP camera. This camera allows auto-focusing, and captures high quality photos and videos. It also has two memory slots as well as the assistance of a wireless stereo mics. However, from time to time the microphone drops one channel. This is because it has no extender for the adaptor. It also does not allow 100% zoom after capturing pictures.


This is amongst the best DSLRs. It’s resolution is a 10.1MP camera. This digicam has an SD card as opposed to a CF card. It permits spot metering and live photo and video views.

3. Nikon’s D5100

This is another well-loved DSLR digicams. It is a 16.2MP CMOS camera and often comes with a 18-55mm lens. It is good at auto-focusing the video devoid of disruption. Also, it has an external mic jack which is not in many DSLR digital cameras The high broad dynamic range assists one to capture a large range of light and dark in a photo. The LCD which flips out in it also allows you to take images and movies at any angle without difficulty. However, the Nikon D5100 does not have a focus motor. Therefore one has to focus manually. The Nikon D5100 also doesn’t have image stabilization. Overall though, this is a very sound camera which is packed with features.


This is another extremely popular camera. It is very portable and light, and is ready to go straight out of the box. This camera has a 12.2 MP resolution. A key feature of this camera is its ability to take good photos both during the day and during the night. It can also capture upto 25 frames per second.

5. NIKON D3100

This is another major model in the DSLR camera world. It has a 14.2 MP resolution. It can be purchased with a 18-55mm Nikkor zoom lens. It assists the photographer by auto-focusing continually when capturing a video. The live view feature is also desirable.

6. The Canon t3i camera:

This one is one of the most popular cameras for many sellers such as Amazon for a while now. It has an amazing 18MP resolution, which results in outstanding quality images. The ease of use of this camera has also been praised by lots of people.

The above all provide tremendous value. The discussion above should be a good starting point in your search for a good Digital SLR camera.

Browse to get more information about various DSLR cameras. You can also assess reviews of Canon Rebel EOS t3i.

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