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Wedding Photojournalism: What Makes It Different From Traditional Wedding Photography?

Photographs can be deceiving. In wedding photography, for example, any experienced photographer in Singapore can manipulate how the wedding should have been by using planned and orchestrated shots. But wouldn’t it be great if the photographer chose to document the event as it took place by capturing spontaneous and minute-moments photos?

Many contemporary Singapore wedding photographers still find it necessary to use traditional wedding photos in documenting wedding ceremonies. Bridal couples also do not seem to mind having traditional wedding photos in their photo albums. But it’s worth noting that these days there is a huge demand for photographers who capture candid and minute-moment wedding images.

Wedding Photojournalism As A Modern A Photography Style

The style that uses natural and candid photos to document weddings is called photojournalism. Wedding photojournalism is everything that conventional wedding photography is not. It isn’t about formal images of brides and grooms or families and relatives standing rigidly before a photographer.

In practice though, many wedding photojournalists would also capture the elements that are commonly captured by traditional wedding photographers. This is particularly true in taking detailed images of the dresses, rings, flowers and shoes. But of course, a photojournalist will present it in a more candid perspective.

How Wedding Photojournalists Do Their Craft

By choosing this kind of wedding photographer Singapore bridal clients expect more candid but creative shots. A photojournalist seldom gives directions and usually disappears into the background to document the event that’s happening before them without manipulating it. This principle can also applied by photographers who deal with other kinds of wedding photography singapore clients may require.

A portrait photographer, for instance, may suggest a theme instead of simply use a high tool as a primary prop and rely on a frontal look for the photo shoot. Having a theme will make the photos look more creative. It will also help portray the natural characters of the bridal couple. Doing the photo shoot in an outdoor setting is more practical and fun.

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