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Wedding Etiquette: Formal Announcement Of Your Engagement

One thing that people from different cultures have in common is the celebration of weddings. But despite this common observance of weddings, it cannot be denied that each culture and race has its distinct ways of holding a wedding ceremony. This is why it is understandable when bridal couples may not be aware of all the practices they need to observe before, during, and after the wedding. But of course they can always find time to know the basic and most important wedding etiquettes.

One of the wedding etiquettes that engaged couples should not forget observing is the formal announcement of their engagement. Once the parents of the bride and groom have been informed, the next thing to do is to spread this news to the public. Announcement of engagements is usually done by publishing it on newspaper. Today, engaged couples have other options like sending the announcement electronically or arranging an engagement party.

If the bridal couple opts for the traditional method, they should immediately call the society editor to ask about its policies on when they should publish the announcement. Newspaper editors usually accept notifications three to six months before the big day.

Traditionally, it is the bride’s parents who are in charge in doing the formal announcement. Thus, the information that is found in a formal announcement includes the names of the bride and groom and of their parents’, as well as the wedding date and their residential addresses.

Providing an engagement portrait in the announcement is optional. In the previous years, it was only the bride who was permitted to be photographed for this purpose. But times have changed and today the bridal couple are allowed to be photographed together for their engagement portrait.

Since the announcement will be published on newspaper, it only follows that the bridal couple should seek the service of a professional photographer who deals with Wedding photography or more specifically, bridal photography. These kinds of wedding photographers know how to meet the requirements for capturing engagement portraits, such as how bridal couples should pose for this kind of photograph or what kind of photography style they should opt for.

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