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Cameras nowadays are so much cheaper than they were ten years ago. And they are most likely going to get less costly and yet more sophisticated in the next couple of years. At this stage, it’s little wonder to see more camera-toting persons shifting from mere hobbyist to serious amateur to professional. Nearly all of them opt for weddings and events coverage too, primarily because they are the most competitive, progressive, and lucrative in the photography business.

If you started off early enough, you most likely saw this tremendous increase in the use of previously for-professionals-only DSLRs, met with like-minded individuals and saw a number of them shift from hobbyists to serious amateurs and then finally to professionals. You are most likely aware also that photography is a rather high-priced hobby especially to those who always want to update their lenses, bodies, and other camera accessories. But you are also aware that, despite its demands and the expense, photography is really a diverse, more beautiful world.

So if you do decide to make money out of this hobby of yours, how do you start? The very first and most fundamental consideration, of course, is your skill as a photographer. Are your skills marketable in the sense that people would pay you to have their photos taken, their weddings covered, their children photographed?

One good way to find out is to encourage feedback from acquaintances and friends, as well as strangers from social media, photography communities, and groups. The more reactions you get from them, the better you understand how others perceive your work. Consider this as the appropriate start to the social aspect of your business as well. After all, as a photographer, you would find yourself regularly transacting with people you have only met for the first time.

Do you have ample experience photographing weddings on the side to fully transition into a Wedding Photographer? After all, the demands of Bridal Photography are varied, and most photographers would even say difficult to achieve each time. As it is, you’re transacting with a different couple every time, a different kind of light, venue, and so on. Everything changes, and you should excellently adapt yourself to everything that wedding photography has in store for you.

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