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Various Options For An African Photo Safari

The continent of Africa is a massive continent. Africa is world renowned for its abundance of wildlife reserves that are perfect for wildlife photography. If you have wanted to get into wildlife photography then Africa could be the perfect place to start by going on an African photo safari, but some parks can be very busy with tourists making shooting a more stressful experience.

Africa offers a high level of choice for photo safaris. Probably the most famous wildlife parks are: The Masai Mara in Kenya, The Serengeti in Tanzania and Okavango in Botswana. There are many other amazing wildlife reserves in the continent but most of the best ones are either in the east or the south of the country

Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa has the most well established Safari’s but these tend to be crowded and highly commercial. Operators will not take in account your need to take excellent photographs. Tourists tend to jostle for space so they can get a shot, which is likely to be mediocre at best.

South Africa has many excellent but lesser known wildlife safaris. The better locations are in Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These reserves have less visitors making them more relaxed for photography.

Botswana is often considered to be among the best locations to enjoy wildlife. Herds of animals are smaller than those in East Africa making it easier to photograph individual animals. There is also a wide variety of large mammals to photograph. However, this makes it harder to see animal mass movements, which is better in the East African parks. The authorities also limited the amount of visitors so it is less crowded and more time is spent at one location.

Botswana also has the advantage of being further away form population centers and it is possible to go on safari for days without meeting another person. It is possible to see and photograph large mammals in Botswana.

Four wheel drive land rovers or cruisers are usually the vehicle of choice for African safaris. It is easy to move around in the vehicle in order to get the best shots. Vehicles should have an open top so photographers can stay inside the vehicle and be safe.

It is important to take the right photography equipment with you. A good quality digital SLR is a must, with reasonable fast frame rate and good high ISO image quality for shooting in low light. You will need at least a lens with a focal length of 50mm and a minimum aperture of f2.8 in order to gather enough light.

The majority of good safaris will spend a couple of days at the same place, returning to a tent camp in the evening. This will give you plenty of time to get some incredible shots. The 4X4 need to stop and have its engine turned off in order to prevent vibrations that will effect photographic results. Some professional photographers arrange photo safaris that can be a great way to learn wildlife photography. Have a look on the internet for the African Photo safari that is perfect for you. If an organized photo safari is not want you are after, then take a look for the safaris that will help you get your wildlife and nature photographs.

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