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Tips For Getting The Best Graduation Portrait

Graduations are a highlight in a student’s life that should be celebrated and remembered. Photographs of students in their graduation gowns would make any parent proudly display them on the walls of their home. These photographs are going to stay there for quite a while and are probably to last from one generation to another. Hence, make sure that for your own graduation photo, you look and feel your best.

So if you are a graduating student you might ask,”What should I do to look good in my graduation portrait?” Well, you do not need to be a model to be photogenic. You only have to be aware that what you need to look for is a photo studio that deals with graduation pictures, you can be assured of getting quality pictures. Remember there is a difference between a specialist photography studio and a Portrait photography Singapore studio that offers general services.

Studio photographers that deal with graduation pictures may also have graduation gowns you can use for your pictorial. Make sure that the gown you pick fits your shoulders to avoid the sleeves from covering your hands. Right fit is important because it will help enhance your overall appearance.

Another surefire way to look good in your grad photo is to wear make-up. Since everyone will be covered up with the same graduation gowns, you only have your hair and face to make you stand out from the rest of the graduating class.

You can stand out from the rest of the graduating class by choosing the right color to highlight a particular facial feature like your eyes or lips. Choosing light colors will also help you look smart. Your hair should also be arranged to accommodate the graduation cap and avoid it from falling.

But of course, there is an art and skill involved when taking photographs. For your graduation photo, you just have to know the basics in photographing your best angle. Take a deep breath and relax. To bring your chest out and stomach in, sit up straight and pull your shoulders. To make your face look slim, turn your face slightly to the side.

You should look for a reliable photography company in Singapore that has complete lighting equipment to achieve quality photographic images. This way, you can be sure that the studio will not just rely on Photoshop to make the final results look good.

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