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This DSLR Is Affordable And Offers Great Features

It seems that each year new digital cameras are being introduced to both everyday consumers and professionals alike. As I used to shoot sports photography, I’m cognizant of the combating going on between Canon and Nikon. Whereas you might spend $ 2500 on a DSLR about 5 years ago, today you could oftentimes get those exact same features and then some in a $ 700 digital camera. As my existing DSLR is having problems, I am now in the market for a consumer DSLR which will make use of the Nikon lenses which I own.

It is nice to get the most up to date and greatest technology and not have to. fret about buying an additional camera in a year because your present DSLR just became obsolete. Because I am a Nikon user, a pal suggested that I rent the Nikon D90 camera. What I came to figure out in reading online is that I would pay up to a few hundred dollars more for a Nikon D90 yet could find better features in the Nikon D3200.

So basically this is what I discovered regarding the Nikon D3200 DSLR. It has a 24.2 megapixel DX format sensor. In my view the megapixel race has really gotten way out of hand. Prior to my present digital camera began to having electrical issues, I was producing some fantastic images at 6 megapixels at the highest setting. If I had any questions whatsoever about the quality of an image originating from the digital camera, I might shoot in raw and with that additional data could ideally produce a usable image.

With the DX sensor, the Nikon D3200 will have a multiplication factor with the lens that you attach to the camera by 1.5 x. This is excellent if you are shooting bird or sports photography since your 300mm lens simply became a 450mm lens. Nonetheless if you are attempting to take a image of an 8×12 living-room or small restroom, your wide angle lens will likewise have that multiplication factor. I have that exact same issue with the Fuji S2 Pro DSLR that I’m making use of today. That 28mm lens which just became 42mm does not work well in confined spaces.

The Nikon D3200 shoots at 4 frames per second, so it will work well for novices doing sports photography. If you add the WU-1A WiFi adapter which is offered separately, your fellow photographer could be editing images on his or her laptop computer as you are taking photos. Another very good attribute of the D3200 is the capability to take 1080P HD video. I consider this an added perk that you will most likely get some usage from. Because the ISO range is 100-6400 with a Hi ISO of 12,800, low light situations should not trigger too many problems.

After everything what I like about this camera is that you could pick up the Nikon D3200 body with an 18-55mm lens which is included for about $ 700 and take another $ 100 off when it is on a sale that run from time to time. An additional cool aspect of this DSLR is you could choose between the conventional black color or perhaps the awesome red D3200.

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