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The New Sony RX1 Review

Each Sony RX1 review shows that this is a very unique camera that fits into a very niche market. It is a 24 megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera, and has a very sharp Carl Zeiss 35mm F2 autofocus lens. The RX1 does not have a viewfinder, although it has an LCD screen on the back. Both and optical and electronic EVF finder are available separately.

The RX1 has the same sensore as the Sony Alpha 99, but with a fixed lens. The uses for this camera are limited; it would not be suitable for sports or wildlife, or even for landscape work that may require telephoto or wider angle lenses. The camera is aimed at the fine art street and documentary photography market, in which it competes with the more expensive, but interchangeable lens Leica M9 and M.

The camera is simple to use, much like the classic rangefinder cameras, there aren’t too many bells and whistles to get in the way. Also cameras like these feel more intuitive than there DLSR cousins, and it is possible to take photographs more candidly, which makes them perfect for street shooting. It also has excellent low light capabilities, as the lens is fast at F2 and excellent RAW output at high ISOs. It does not have image-stabilization like the A99, but it does not need it as this type of camera can be hand-held at lower shutter speeds than DSLRs with there larger lenses.

The 35mm lens is incredibly good, it is still sharp even when wide open. The bokeh is also very good and buttery smooth. The lens has no problem with making the most out of the 24 megapixel sensor.

Autofocus speed is snappy but nothing compared to a DSLR, although this kind of camera demands a more considered approach to image making and is not the best tool to use to capture fast moving subjects. The sensor produces nice Jpegs out of camera, with good color reproduction. Raw files have a good level of dynamic range.

The camera is not cheap; its main rivals being the NEX series, Fuji X-PR01 and Leica M series. These cameras have the advantage of having interchangeable lenses, but the RX1 and Leica M has superior image quality. The Leica is a lot more expensive than the RX1 so if a 35mm lens is all that is needed then this may be the better choice for many photographers.

Having only one fixed focal length is a liberating experience, it enables photographers to forget about worrying about focal lengths and just concentrate on composition. For many street photographs zoom is just a case of walking forward or backwards. This camera may also be very exciting for wedding photographers who use the documentary approach to capture images candidly during a wedding day.

Every Sony RX1 review demonstrates that this is a niche camera, but it a spectacular imaging device. It is small, easy for experienced photographers to use that is capable to producing beautiful photographs in the right hands.

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