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The Golden Mean and the Rule of Thirds in Photography

The golden mean (or golden ratio) has been a principle of artistic design for centuries. Simply put, designs are split into two segments. The first segment takes up two-thirds of the design, and then the second segment takes up the remaining third. Take a look at a picture of the Roman Coliseum for a good example.

The pillars of this grand structure take up the bottom two-thirds of the building. The structure then transforms into the ornamental roof to finish off the last third of the building. You’ll find that more than just this building was built off of this philosophy. Many of the ancient Romany buildings were designed similarly.

For example, if someone is taking pictures of people, then soft lighting is usually best due to the fact that harsh lighting will make subjects look washed out and grainy. Soft lighting also helps to make people look more natural and to conceal the flaws which might become glaringly apparent with other scenarios.

From this principle will stem all of the other knowledge that a photographer waxing in skill will learn. Adjusting aperture and shutter speed as well as positioning and framing will all depend on how the photographer wishes to manipulate the light that enters the lens and on to film. Because of this a new photographer must remember that all decisions must hinge on this principle of exposing light to film.

When this is the main goal of a photographer, all other technical aspects of photography will slide easily into place and learning new techniques of art in photography will come without complication or severe trial. With the primary goal of letting a desired amount of light into the camera lens, artistic beauty will flow naturally to the object of the photographers picture, whatever that object may be.

It should be here noted, however, that a very begging and aspiring photographer should first understand the physical and mechanical workings of their specific camera by reading and studying the owner’s manual for the new camera.

Now that you know your focus, you can start applying the rule. The rule of thirds is a simple, and easy to apply when you know the golden mean. Mentally slice the image into three sections horizontally. Do it again vertically. In your mind, you will create a grid of nine equally sized boxes, divided by lines. Use those lines to give priority to your focus.

When taking a picture of the colors in the sky during a sunset, align the horizon to the line marking the bottom third of the picture and let the sky consume the top two thirds. This will place a greater emphasis on the colors in the sky while placing the photo in an appealing manner.

IT is very important for people to practice and experiment with lighting conditions, until they find the best set of circumstances which are going to work for them the way that they want and need. It is essential for people who are engaged in this activity to be flexible and adaptable with their efforts and future endeavors.

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