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The Distinctions Between Canon Powershot Cameras

For years, Canon has produced some of the best known and best quality cameras in the industry. The Canon Powershot is the next generation of handheld digital cameras and has evolved considerably since its debut. It is now an entire series that carries products for every customer from beginner to advance.

The entire line of products is built on the concept of the point and shoot camera. Features include an extremely portable size, which usually fits in a pocket or purse, and assistance in achieving the perfect image. A wide variety exists within this line, however, depending on how much creative license the photographer desires. It is a favorite for customers who have limited exposure to the technology.

If the main goal of the customer is to capture everyday snapshots, the A series features over two dozen models of point and shoot cameras. The specifics of each can be reviewed on the Canon website. Ultimately, the goal is a design that is easy to use and functional. The automatic setting has been enhanced so that it can determine the optimal settings for thirty-two shooting environments. It also features a sixteen megapixel image sensor to ensure these images are high quality. To top it off, they record high definition video in 720pixel quality.

The ELPH series is the next step up in the product line. Unique features allow the photographer to play with the image, adding details like selective color filters, and to shoot in full manual mode. These details appeal to customers with camera experience as it opens the door for artistic license over standard snapshots. They also boast the ability to record high definition video and to utilize the 10.1 megapixel image sensor.

The Powershot G series takes it even further, keeping its portable size while allowing for even more control and flexibility. The zoom feature has been dramatically enhanced and the lens is more versatile than the preceding models. For example, the G1X model has almost as many features as a full function DSLR. This sets it apart from other point and shoots that are on the market today. All products in this series also capture HD video as well.

The most involved series is the SX with several top of the line cameras that boast one of a kind features. For example, Canon has introduced the first fifty times optical zoom on a camera in this series. Across the board, the zoom ranges from twenty to fifty times, getting up close and personal with the subject. The lens is not interchangeable, but in many other aspects, these cameras resemble DSLRs. From the body style to the range of shooting settings (aperture control, shutter speed control, manual, automatic), it is as close as one can get to the DSLR.

There is also one model in the D series. Geared towards intense environments, it is waterproof, temperature resistant, and shockproof. Capture stills or video in outdoor, adventurous situations. It is much less vulnerable to the elements than other expensive cameras. Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers will enjoy this model.

The Canon Powershot series has a little something for everyone. Enthusiasts and experienced users have options that allow for flexibility and creativity. Those new on the photography scene can find simple point and shoots to capture memories. Each model in any of the five series has something unique to offer.

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