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The Canon Powershot SX500 Camera

The Canon PowerShot SX500 IS is a super-zoom bridge type camera that sports a 30x, 24mm wide-angle zoom, lens, 16 megapixel resolution, 3 inch LCD screen, 720p movies, complete manual controls and a Digic 4 processor. Various other standout attributes consist of a Smart Automobile mode that detects 32 scenes, ISO 100-1600, Zoom Framework Assist, and an array of Innovative Filters.

The design of the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS will immediately put some individuals off. Those trying to find something pocketable or – at the contrary end of the spectrum – those wanting something huge and chunky will not like it. The camera appears to be able to take the rough shape of a dice while not being huge. It’s definitely not a camera for the wallet. The 30x optical zoom lens has seen to that. Sticking out proudly from the body like a Peacock showing it’s feathers, the lens includes it’s own lens cap. As you change the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS on, the lens will poke out by around 1cm and get much longer as the camera focuses.

The leading end of the zoom doesn’t actually end there either. There’s a 60x wise zoom on top of the 30x optical zoom. Now the fantastic thing about that is it utilizes the exact same resolution as the smaller sized zoom. However, the compression is much lower recording approximately half the information. There’s also a digital zoom that crops into the sensor and augments it. Successfully pixels are then enlarged and the image quality suffers.

A turn up flash sits on top of the lens barrel and the flash choices on the back of the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS won’t begin until the flash has actually been lifted. It’s a mechanical action, not electronic. To the right is a deep grip for solitary hand shooting; which is totally feasible. The small power button is located alongside the large command dial. The latter holds all shooting commands for immediate changes to your photography. There are manual programmable modes such as Handbook, Aperture priority, Shutter priority and Program in addition to preset modes such as Live, Auto, Scenes, Digital effects and Discreet. There’s also a video mode but you can have direct access to video recording by pushing the red button on the back of the camera.

All these features are discovered on various other digital bridge type cameras such as this Canon PowerShot SX500 IS. There is a mode of note that truly aids with framework and composition. Left wing of the lens barrel is a button with a square that has 4 arrows shooting out of each corner on it. If you wish to zoom out a little just to miss out a bit of overhanging building or crop a person out, you could hold this button and zoom as typical. The Zoom Framing Assist will retain the wide-angle display however reveal a virtual zoomed in square on the display. You could then choose what to zoom in and crop out before releasing the button. Upon releasing, the camera will zoom to the point that you decided on.

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