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The Beginners Level Canon PowerShot A2200

The Canon PowerShot A2200 is an entry level compact camera that provides excellent image quality at an affordable price. It is extremely easy to operate and very small, thin and light. The camera has a 14 megapixel sensor and is capable of taking very detailed and sharp images.

The is very small, thin and light, it is well designed and is comfortable to use. It has a mode dial at the top of the camera, whereas most budget compacts access modes through the menu system. This makes it quicker and easier to operate. Other controls are accessed via a menu system on the cameras 2.7 inch LCD screen at the back.

The lens features a 4X optical zoom, which is perfect for zooming in on distant subjects. The camera also has flash for photographing in low lighting conditions.

The camera has some very useful shooting modes so images will be sharp, in focus and have the correct color. There is daylight, cloudy, indoor and low light settings that provide the correct exposure, color temperatures and ISO. All the sounds can also be turned off so the camera can be used discretely.

There is also a clever face detection function on the camera, which will focus on faces making portraits and group photos look sharp. The camera can even detect a smile and not take the photograph until the smile is detected. Of course this function is optional and can be switched on or off when needed. The easy mode on the camera provides guidance to novice photographers so it is easy to capture fantastic moments without a huge understanding of photography.

The camera has a maximum resolution of 14 megapixels but lower resolution settings, such as 0.3 megapixels, 2 megapixels and 7 megapixels can be used to create more space for images on its memory card. Lower resolution also speeds up the camera when it is recording images on the card. The camera also features a panoramic mode at 10 megapixels, which is excellent for landscape shots.

Like all compact cameras the Canon PowerShot A2200 has a video mode that will record video at 720p HD. As it is a budget camera the video options are fairly limited and it is not possible to use the zoom in video mode. However the video is very good quality and perfect for most applications. All in all this camera from Canon is a very good entry level compact that provides excellent image quality and options that make the camera easy and fun to use.

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