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The Art Of Photography & Its Beautiful Outcomes

A paper cup, slipper and disco ball aren’t unusual things for most of us. We know they exist but hardly stare at them for a long while. But images of a slightly tilted paper cup, mismatched slippers and glittering disco ball catch our attention then hold our gaze. That is the art of photography. It makes us want to give things a second look and appreciate them more than we used to.

But technically, what goes into such composition? Truth be told, there are a lot. Let’s talk about three of them for now. One is lighting. The second is angle and the third is something. For the first one gives a subject its glow. This contributes to the creation of dramatic or lively images depending on how the photographer wants something to appear before the eyes of his or her viewers.

The other factor we’d like to cite is angle. Different sides give equally different perspectives of the same thing. There are flattering angles as there are views which don’t particularly highlight the interesting details of a particular subject. A photographer explores different angles in order to determine which side enables him or her to present the subject and communicate the message he or she seeks to impart.

Moreover, there’s the concept of proper timing. One needs to be alert and fast apart from being able to anticipate things if he or she wants to be able to capture the brief moments of life which are practically gone in an instant. A dunk in the basket, an athlete reaching the finish line and liquid spilling among others won’t happen in the exact same manner as they did once. If a photographer wants to capture such moments, then he or she needs to know or at least have the instinct as to when it is time to press that shutter.

The skillful management of the aforesaid along with the other technicalities of photography plus the talent and skills of the photographer enable him or her to accomplish his or her goal of producing images with the subjects rendered at their best. That is to say that the raw images are in themselves visually appealing. A great photographer delivers excellent images and depends not on some photo editing software just to improve his or her work.

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