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Show Your Support And Get Behind Boob Art

Boob art is now being used as a means to raise awareness and funds for women who suffer from breast cancer. There are many different kinds of campaigns that are held around the world to fight this horrible disease which includes holding wellness days for women. Some countries allocate a day or a week in a year that is purely dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. There are thousands of campaigns held every year such as head shaving days where other people donate their hair to have made into wigs.

There are many types of awareness campaigns that run concurrently. Some organizations will hold special wellness days that will teach women how to identify lumps within their breasts. There could be sporting events that are dedicated to the fight against cancer.

Some countries will hold breast cancer weeks where people are encouraged to shave their hair and donate that for the making of wigs for the cancer survivors who have lost their hair. Artistic expression has been a way to portray or display oneself for eons of time so it make sense that it will make its way through to this sort of initiative. One will automatically think of body painting as a way of expression against this physical cancer.

As an example, one photograph contained a woman whose body paint was that of a phoenix rising out of the flames that was painted across her chest and abdomen. The colors are bright and the effect is striking. All of this kind of work is done very tastefully and the women are covered effectively. There are many other types of charities that use this form of work as part of their awareness campaigns.

Exquisite paintings will be done on their breasts and stomachs that portray a painting that is best suited for that particular individual. Once the painting is complete, a professional photographer will take posed photographs. The photographs are then used to make printed gifts such as t-shirts, mugs and mouse pads which are sold over the internet and at other charity events.

Another organization holds an annual fashion event that uses breast enhancing fashion to remind women that they can be beautiful despite the ravages of this disease. The annual fashion show was introduced so that the creme de la creme of society could contribute to the cause. Women parade down the catwalk in clothing that has been designed by top designers.

Of course funds are raised because from the entrance fee and anyone that buys the clothes. These fashion events are then broadcast as podcasts on the internet while requests will go out for donations of any amounts to be made to that particular foundation. Another organization designs t-shirts with funny messages with regard to breasts and the funds made from the sale of them are donated towards the cause.

Boob art is a form of expression that has made a real impact in the charity organizations that help women who suffer from breast cancer. It is an inner expression of beauty and strength that is hidden deep within the women themselves. It is a celebration of life and beauty in the face of a degrading disease that can kill. All people around the world should donate something towards this cause, even if it’s just to wear the pink ribbon. Show you care and support these women in their battle to survive.

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