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Restore Life into Old Photographs

So, you are writing a book, and have some photographs to go in it. You’ve chosen a great publisher; you’ve done an excellent job with words, but what about the photographs? Do they enhance your book, or do they pull it down? Is the detail missing, or maybe the colour has faded, or gone orange? Is there someone or something that you don’t want in the photograph? Has grandma been given a moustache by the grandchildren? Can anything be done to improve these damaged originals?

Photo enhancement

Restoring a photo involves a whole range of techniques that is culminated into just one process. While it can certainly enhance and improve the appearance of a photo there are always limitations on what can be achieved. Some of the limitations bound to photo restoration are images that are either too light or too dark. This can compromise what is retained within these areas and makes recovering any details extremely difficult or impossible to achieve in some cases.

During an initial examination of the photo we’ll be able to assess and conclude what can be realistically done through the restoration process. We will never work on the original photograph and all the work is being done on copies.

Once completed with the restoration work of the photograph you will receive back the original image as well as the restored version as a digital data file, which you can then use to print as many copies as you like.

Photo Improvement

There are various services are available to help restore a photo that was thought damaged forever. It’s all based on the individual quality of the photo with what can be fully achieved, but we’re sure you’ll be impressed by just how much our process can potentially improve upon the original, and sometimes even exceed your expectations.

Our team of experts are able to restore old cracked portraits that are attached to a tin or wooden back, and even convert a photo with a colour transparency of 35mm or black and white negatives with ease. Even if your photo has been ripped into many pieces there is still hope, just as long as the pieces remain, we can restore it.

The techniques used can even add colour to any old black and white photos, or add just about any style and tone you require from framing the photo to printing on canvas, or even altering the colour to sepia or monotone. There are many options made available to you, to discover what can be done to rejuvenate an old photo, contact our professional staff today.

Whatever your background or experience we all treasure our memories from the past through photographs which can also tell a story to our children and grandchildren. Don’t leave your old photos on the draw – take them out and bring some life to the past.

If you want to find more information about how to restore old images, we are here to help. You can visit our website and find more about or simply give us a call and we will try and assist you as quickly as possible.

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