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Reportage Photography For Weddings

The power to select a photography style that determines how a wedding day will be recalled for a long time is in the hands of the soon-to-be married couple. There are still needs for conventional wedding photography, but the demands for them has considerably lowered these days. An increasing number of betrothed couples in Singapore pick a bolder approach in their wedding photography. Rather than posing and smiling for the camera, they prefer photos that show the real happening in their wedding. They or may not be aware that the photographer has been taking their photo, but that’s precisely how they want their pictures taken.

This type of wedding photography is known as photojournalism or wedding reportage photography. Many wedding photographers in Singapore now provide this kind of photography. The couples don’t need to stop and pose for the camera all the time. Instead, the photographer simply clicks and shoots photos with or without the knowledge of the pair or their guests. With photojournalism, photographers are able to seize the real ambience of the event with natural-looking pictures.

The couple and their guests don’t need to pose and give their practiced smile in front of the camera. The photographer can nonetheless shoot authentic emotions with brief but dear instances, such as the time when the groom shows an appreciative glance at his bride, the time when the father of the bride sheds a tear as he entrusts his daughter over to her new husband, and when the tired flower girl takes a naptime during the ceremony. These instances are what the photographer searches for. These are what makes the event sincere, and therefore must be captured on camera.

Conventional photography is still practiced these days. It is even nearly necessary when it comes to taking wedding photos. The photographer may ask the couple to pose together before and after the wedding. Or the photographer may also ask the entire family to pose with the newlywed couple right after the ceremony. These images and some more are typically the must-take shots in the photographer’s list, but the rest of the images are mostly unscripted.

A singapore wedding photographer may propose traditional or photojournalism photography for wedding events. Many couples these days, however, choose a combination of the two kinds, in which they have a list of photos that must be taken and the rest should show unscripted photos. Whatever couples choose, both make significant pictures for the wedding album.

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