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Professional Photo Lab Vs Inkjet Printers

Because of the convenience it provides, a lot of people have resorted to the use of various software programs that allow photos to be downloaded from cameras and then printed through inkjet printers. Nonetheless, there exist noticeable differences between images produced by an inkjet printer and those that were produced directly from a professional photo lab. Among a few are the quality, ease of production and the cost.

Inkjet printers necessitate the use of toners for image production. These toners are what actually comprise a huge percentage in the total expense. Although they minimally cost only 10 US dollars, printers usually require a minimum of 4 base colors for the printing process to initiate. On another note, laboratory printing will only cost around 20 cents in minimum for each printed image.

The internet-based services allow for people to send in photos to nearby convenience stores. Hence, the only work that is involved in laboratory printing is only choosing the best prints, paying costs and then picking the photos up. Inkjet printing will involve running the process for every image and then providing the space for the prints to properly dry. This may turn out inconvenient especially when there are a lot of photos that require printing.

The quality of your image will also be dependent on the quality of the printer you have. A printer is susceptible to malfunction. If it is not monitored, ink levels might just cause some complications like head skipping. This effects to visible lines and discoloration on your images.

Inkjet printers make use of water for image production. Hence, prints can be expected to bleed or fade over a certain period of time. Silver halide is what lab photos are printed from. This makes them less prone to quick deterioration when subjected to moisture exposure. In addition, the material also meets archival demands.

Professional photo labs usually offer a variety of services to their customers. These include photo restoration, enlargements and color conversion. Although these may also be offered by labs in grocery stores and pharmacies, important projects would still be better left at the hands of professionals. In finding the best laboratory, getting recommendations from trusted individuals would usually suffice.

Photographers would most probably be the best people to seek referrals from. Even the most amateur photographer surely knows at least one or two labs and may be able to refer a good one. Estimates on the cost of services may also be acquired from professionals.

Recommendations may also be acquired from camera stores and various repair shops. Businesses that work around photography are known to keep close relations with at least one professional photo lab operating in town. The sales staff, store owners and repair technicians are sure to offer potential customers some help for the search.

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