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Photoshop Retouching in Boudoir Photography

No matter if you are in agreement with retouching or not, the simple fact is, when it comes to boudoir photography, women desire it. When you are performing a service for pay, meeting shopper need is of greatest value. It’s difficult enough to get down to your birthday suit in front of a complete stranger pointing a camera at you but after doing this for eight years, realizing that the blemishes, under eye circles, scars, cellulite, spider veins and parts that muffin top over clothing will be magically whisked away into the ether makes it easier. [I:]

With an average of 500 boudoir photography customers annually, the level of or how little they really want to be retouched varies. It’s important to listen through her appointment. Mentally pay attention to remarks, nonverbal communication and clothing options and discover an convenient instance to gently assess her retouching expectations. As an example, if your client is self conscious about her hips and thighs and keeps making remarks about them (wanting to know if they look fat, remarking that she has never loved that part of her body or if she continues to keep tugging clothing over that area every time it’s revealed), assure her that you are able to get rid of anything at all bulging and that you can also shave away a few pounds and slim them down. This will certainly lessen her tension and now you have a launching point of retouching expected results .. The moment it occurs up, nearly all women definitely will express satisfaction and can even make other requests and then there are a few who will want “to look organic”. The main element is to always let your client know that you may retouch as much or only a small amount as SHE wants. [

Rachel Stephens Retouching at High Speed


My favorite retouching request was from a client who felt so empowered after her session that in spite of accepting her weight years ago, before she even left her photo session, she chose to lose 30 lbs and return in twelve months to do one more shoot. When she submitted her purchase, she wrote me a little letter telling me this and requesting that I take those 30 lbs off her images for inspiration. “Carve me like a turkey!”, she said. Generally, I don’t prefer to shape an image that heavily but she was sure that is what she wished. So, I shaved off 30 lbs from her images. A year in the future I shot her again. It was much like the 30 lbs I made vanish in Photo shop zapped it off her in real-world too! She jumped up out from the make-up seat when she noticed me and gave me the best bear hug and through joyful tears she thanked me for giving her the determination and encouragement to get rid of the weight she’d gained with her pregnancy and had been carrying for roughly few years.

Retouching and Boudoir Photography go hand in hand, it is rare or otherwise uncommon to encounter a customer who desires no retouching whatsoever in their images. Everyone has some spots or uneven skin or a spider vein or a roll of skin they do not want in their final product.

There’ll always be naysayers inside professional photography environment ranting in opposition to retouching, my suggestion is to turn away from and concentrate on the women who are believing in you with regards to their vulnerability and provide them a little something over and above her goals. Give them more than awesome pictures. You could simply improve their everyday life. :)

Rachel Stephens is one of the premiere Glamour Portrait Artistsin The United States. She shoots upwards of 500 clients a year and utilizes Photoshop Retouching on all of them.

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