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Photo Booths Bring Teen Birthday Parties to Life

Are you facing the challenge of planning a birthday party your teenager will not feel is punishment? They no longer want to limit their birthday celebration to close family members and homemade cake. All teenagers want to throw the cool party that all the other kids want to attend. Teen parties are talked about at school the following week, and no one wants to be known for a boring party. Making a photo booth hire is a way to please your children and their friends without giving up control of the party or breaking your budget.

What Is a Photo Booth?

The photo booths melbourne hired for teen birthday parties are similar to the booths you may have used at a festival or mall in your local community in the past. Guests climb into the booth alone or in groups and pose for pictures. You have to wait a few minutes while the booth prints out a strip of pictures on the spot. There are some differences between these public booths and the ones you hire privately, such as the ability to print in black and white or color, and having two copies printed rather than one. The birthday boy or girl gets a copy of every picture snapped at the end of the party, but guests still get their original print on the spot.

Besides allow you to capture pictures, a photo booth hired for a party may allow video clips to be recorded. Guests have the option of hitting record and leaving a personal message for the birthday boy or girl, with all messages later being compiled into one video.

Pictures and Teens Go Hand-In-Hand

The fact that teenagers love to take pictures is obvious by the number of cell phone pictures circulating online today. This is exactly why these booths are so popular for teen birthday parties. Rather than taking all of their pictures with their cell phones and posting them online, they can take pictures in the booth and have real picture strips to hang in their lockers or simply display in their bedrooms. The birthday boy or girl gets a copy of every picture taken, so they can easily create a scrapbook of their party.

There are only so many faces that can be squeezed into the frame for a cell phone picture, but a booth allows a bit more room for group photos. Many party booths also open up to accommodate pictures of large groups. Teenagers love opening the booth to snap pictures of their entire group doing fun activities.

Of course, sharing online is still an option, since pictures can be scanned into a computer.

Please the Kids and the Parents

There aren’t many things that teens and parents both approve of, but the photo booths hire mornington peninsula hire is one of the few. Teens love that they can take fun pictures at their party, so the event never gets boring. Parents love that they can see what is happening at the party, since a copy of all pictures is delivered at the end of the party. Parents do not have to worry about teens slipping away from the party when there is a picture booth keeping everyone entertained.

If you are planning a birthday party for a teenager, you cannot go wrong by bringing in a booth for photos. Some larger parties may even require a couple booths to accommodate the number of teenagers in the mix.

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