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Love Your Art, Decide Wisely About Buying Paintings

Should they buy a painting or not? That is a question that is often faced by many art lovers. They have to take three things into account. Let us say you are the owner of an art gallery that sells paintings. You are bound to come across questions regarding this dilemma. At the end of the day, you will realize that your proficiency in handling these types of queries would reflect on your sales or profits.

Buying paintings tends to awaken the deep thinking personality of most art lovers. They also tend to be eccentric folks. The appearance or looks of the painting is not enough to convince art lovers to decide to purchase them. Basically, purchasing paintings is not purely an aesthetic cause, despite the fact that it is definitely an important part. Without any further ado, we will now venture to look at the three things that matter to art buyers – beyond the aesthetics – when it comes to buying paintings.

Paintings are creations of artists, and art lovers are definitely going to have to find out who the artists are behind these paintings. Artists who have been able to come up with very good artworks over the years are bound to have created a name for themselves, and they are going to be sought after by art lovers looking to buy paintings. We have seen many scenarios where art lovers go ahead to purchase paintings just because they are associated with certain artists, not withstanding the actual quality of the paintings. Paintings and works of art are considered to be an extension of the artist, after all, so it is important for many people to know who was the creative genius behind such creations. It is just the same way that we don’t just appreciate music – the melody and the lyrics in it – but where we also endeavor to know who the artists behind it are.

Art lovers also make it a point to satisfy their curiosity as to what has driven the artist to come up with a specific painting. You have to keep it in mind that the most attractive paintings tend to be quite enigmatic. It is not all that easy to pin the exact inspiration or motivating factor that drove the artist to come up with that particular image on the canvas. When you know what has inspired the artist to come up with a painting, you will find yourself developing a greater appreciation for the artwork. The inspiration behind the paintings alone would be enough to convince many art lovers to purchase them, regardless of the actual quality of the painting.

Art lovers also tend to look deeper into the paintings and try to figure out what message they are trying to get across. Then they will decide based on the message. Even the most abstract of paintings are supposed to carry coded messages. Art lovers endeavor to know those messages, and we have situations where the sellers of paintings have to make up stories and peddle them as the ‘messages’ behind the paintings they sell, so as to sate prospective buyer’s curiosities. Is this wrong? Not entirely. After all, art is supposed to be open to interpretation. Artists simply create them, and the viewer can attach a meaning or message to them.

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