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Kodak Digital Cameras: Finding The Right Digital Camera For You

Staying up to date with new technology is difficult these days since new products are constantly being released. It’s no different in the digital camera market, which means that selecting a digital camera for a holiday purchase can be confusing. Every year, different manufacturers add a wealth of new models with new features and it’s difficult to see clearly what the right choice is. Canon is a digital camera company which continues to be popular.

Kodak was late jumping on the digital camera bandwagon even though they had created one of the first models in 1975, however by 2005 the number one spot in US digital camera sales was attained by Kodak. Many potential customers, particularly women, loved taking digital photos but didn’t like the procedure of moving them to a computer, according to comprehensive customer research Kodak performed. In response to this need, Kodak began to develop a collection of cameras that were simple to operate at prices that were competitive and to create a printer dock capable of printing photos from a Kodak digital camera immediately. Kodak’s most recent cameras are still offered by major retailers with key attributes for reasonable prices, regardless of the fact that they recently announced that they intend to focus on printers from this point forward and stop manufacturing digital cameras.

According to many Kodak digital camera reviews, the following three models are largely thought to be the best currently available:

1) Kodak EasyShare M583 Digital Camera- One of the smaller quality digital cameras out there, the EasyShare M583 measures 2.2″ high by 3.8″ wide and 1″ deep, making it an easy camera to carry around in a purse or a pocket. Despite the small size, the M583 boasts a large 3″ LCD screen and a digital zoom of up to 5x and 8x optical zoom. With a resolution of 14.2 megapixels, it’s more than what’s necessary for producing high-quality photos and printing 8×10’s, and users are quick to point out its excellent battery life and truly cheap price point. It is definitely one of the greatest bargains that can be found for digital cameras since it costs less than $100.

2) Kodak EasyShare Z5120 Digital Camera – The Z5120 costs a bit more than the M583 but has a 26x optical zoom with a fast f2.8 lens at wide angle. It’s also the cheapest camera on the market with features such as RAW, manual modes, and image stabilization, making it a great choice for customers that want great attributes at a bargain price. It requires AA batteries as opposed to a lithium-ion, which means you’ll have power anywhere you go as long as you don’t care that the camera is a bit heavier.

3) Kodak EasyShare C123 – The C123 is the cheapest waterproof camera money can buy, waterproof to 10 feet and exceptionally easy to use. It doesn’t come with any optical zoom and image quality could be much better, but if you need waterproof but don’t want to pay for it this Kodak digital camera is a great option.

With so many choices for digital cameras, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Looking for a website which is unbiased and will provide you with informative recommendations and reviews is certainly a great way to begin your search. Since the website won’t actually be selling you the cameras, you will find it easier to believe that the camera ratings they provide are always honest and will help you find what you’re looking for. This way you can find the perfect digital camera for the perfect price.

Douglas Hayward is an expert in the field of digital cameras. Click here to visit a recommended digital camera ratings site.

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