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Know Some Basic Photography Lighting Techniques

With the recent developments in digital photography, many people nowadays have found it easier to take photos. Advancements in the field of photography have given hobbyists and professional photographers alike the opportunity to experiment in order to deliver quality photographic images. But among other things, photographers must develop their ability to use and manipulate light when taking pictures. Light, after all, is the most crucial element in photography.

To create dramatic effects, photographers usually prefer conducting photo shoots during the morning and before the dusk. However, for indoor, underwater or nighttime photo shoots, you can use artificial lighting to produce dramatic effects. You can also achieve a particular effect by utilising different kinds of lighting equipment.

Video Lighting For Different Types Of Photography

Weddings are amongst the best occasions during which photography is considered indispensable. In creating a romantic feel for the couple’s photos, a video light can be utilised. Unlike with flash, which can give a very strong and unflattering effect, video lighting is perfect for studio portraits. Whether you are conducting your photo shoot in a huge studio or in any dim place, you will find it helpful to use video light as it offers a wide range of lighting.

Underwater photography requires proper lighting, too, especially when you are some metres below the sea surface. Using a handheld underwater video light, you do not have to worry about illuminating the surroundings to capture interesting colours of various species of fishes, crustaceans and corals.

Other Photography Techniques Using Video Light

Video lights are naturally strong, yet you can easily adjust it to achieve the effect you need. You can put a gel in front of an LED video light to create a warm or tungsten effect. LED video lights also have a diffuser that will help give a soft effect on your photographs. For some photography techniques, photographers sometimes use a video light together with other lighting equipment such as speed lights and flashguns.

It’s also possible to achieve different lighting effects by placing video lights in different positions during the shoot. For example, if you’d like to create flare in the photograph, position the equipment beneath the subject and as you take a shot, make sure that only a part of the light is seen in the picture.

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