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Keep Memories Forever With Digital Collages

Although photographs are already works of art themselves, putting them together to come up with a mosaic of images gives pictures a different twist. Sometimes, it gives them a different story as well. This simple way of making art out of pictures is called a collage. However, making one traditionally can take time and a lot of effort. This is why people rarely take part in this creative craft. But good thing technology made it a whole lot easier to make. Nowadays, creating digital collages is no longer impossible.

As a visual art form under traditional arts, a collage can be two things: it can either be a montage of colored pictures pasted together to form an image, a story, or something abstract, or an assortment of pictures pasted on canvas and then painted over. Further, it is not limited to images alone but can also be an assemblage of different things arrange in such a way that it forms something new. In short, it is a hodgepodge of many things.

On the other hand, as a digital art, it can only be made with images. The reasons are obvious. Several images may be made into new art by cutting, skewing, and changing their colors. Then it can be printed, framed, and given away as a present, or can be published over the web.

As implied, both traditional and modern methods have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The former for example, limits a person to whatever traits are available in his or her materials but presents the advantage of a wide array of items that can be used to make a collage. The later on the other hand makes use of pictures only but with the aid of an editing software, one can manipulate the materials’ size, color, mood, or lighting.

But what separates the modern way dramatically from the traditional way is speed. There is no denying that it is faster, even if it means working with thousands of pictures. With photo collage makers lying around online, some sold for a small fee, and many others for free, one can make his or her own photo assemblage with just a few mouse-clicks if not just one.

Further, mistakes are not eternal in the electronic world. A person can always make erasures or delete or correct mistakes. A collage done digitally can be made, unmade, and remade in a matter of seconds. And the best part is versions can be made for juxtaposition. Through this, one can easily determine which one is good for printing or publishing.

With the use of digital collages, one can transform pillow cases, mugs, or t-shirts into personalized gift items. One can even use them in his or her mixed media masterpiece. The promise of a digitized picture montage is almost endless. And if circumstance permits, one can even make a personalized wallpaper made of photos for his or her home.

Digital collages are never hard to make. Sure, using a photo-editing software may need getting used to, even take some time, but once you know how to use it, you become boundless. You can personalize your gifts in a dash or add your very own touch to you coffee mugs and tumblers. But more than that, you can make memories last creatively.

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