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Information On The Most Popular Digital Cameras of 2012

When it’s time to purchase a new digital camera, commencing the purchasing process without sufficient information may lead to disappointment. Lots of people just acquire whatever camera they feel looks the greatest and afterwards find that the performance of their new camera will not meet their needs. The answer to finding the greatest product lies in the several digital camera reviews to be found on the Web. This article identifies and discusses some of 2012’s best trends for digital cameras.

Point and Shoot

If you don’t value creative photography but you desire a little, basic camera to be used at family functions, point-and-shoot cameras (especially extended zoom and all weather cameras) are your absolute greatest option. Fitting easily in a pocket, they’re usually the most small cameras. Such cameras usually have a price that is less than $200. Panasonic as well as Nikon digital cameras are the hottest 2012 styles for point-and-shoot digital cameras with the most well-known being:

* The Nikon S3600 * The Panasonic FH25 * The Sony WX50 * The Canon 530 HS


People who do not wish to deal with DSLR digital cameras’ complex methods, but want to dabble with artistic images should use prosumer cameras. Unlike point-and-shoot digital cameras, prosumers have more choices. This group has cameras with a price tag varying from $200 to $700. Fujifilm and Kodak digital cameras lead the list in this kind with Kodak fulfilling the needs of consumers, as here are 2012’s best trends in prosumer digital cameras.

* Fujifilm Fine Pix F770EXR * Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 * Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX30V


DSLR digital cameras are made to fulfill the photography needs of the professional photographer who loves being in charge of the whole photo. These digital cameras make it possible for the photographer to cloud out a portion of the photograph while concentrating on something particular. These cameras are usually complicated to master, but are well worth the work. Prices for the majority of DSLR digital cameras is no less than six or seven hundred bucks. Sony digital cameras and Pentax digital cameras lead the way here, because the hottest DSLR digital cameras of 2012 are:

* Pentax K-30 * Nikon D3200 * Sony Alpha A37

Before you make a final decision, make sure you consult an on-line digital camera review site to make sure that you will get the most from your buy!

Jeff Steinberg is an article writer and professional photographer. Click here to visit a digital camera review site!

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