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Importance Of Proper Lighting In Photography

Amateurs and professional photographers alike ask themselves what makes pictures great. Serious photographers – no matter how expert they become at their craft through years of prwedding photography Singaporee – will most probably keep on asking themselves about this matter.

If the people’s opinion would be the basis of what makes great picture, for sure the old adage that says “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can be an acceptable answer. But since people’s opinion change with fashion and fads, this may not really serve as an absolute answer.

It is true that there are numerous variables that can be considered in the quest for the attributes of a great picture. However, professional photographers (including singapore wedding photographers) can all agree that there are a few constant reference points that will help define the great picture.

Photography lighting is one of these few fixed reference points that is fundamental in producing a great picture. By using photography lighting techniques, a photographer can make even the most ordinary subject interesting and captivating. No wonder photography lighting is considered as a fundamental element across the wide fields of photography – from still life to portraiture, from outdoor to indoor.

Once a photographer understands photography lighting, he can make great pictures utilizing just any type of light source. This indicates how crucial lighting really is in photography.

In studio photography, lighting is a factor that will test how creative and skilled the photographer is. It is a common knowledge that studio photographers principally rely on artificial light. Hence, studio photographers have to exhibit real talent on how to control and manipulate the light that comes from different lighting equipment so they can achieve the kind of result they have in mind.

However, it is not right to assume that studio photographers, with all their great range of artificial lighting gears, are better than outdoor photographers. The latter – no matter how tempting it can be to believe that they simply depend on luck – requires lighting skills that are different from indoor photography.

Studio photographers must be able to understand the science of electric lighting technology, while nature photography needs extensive knowledge on both sun’s seasonal and diurnal effect as well as the ability to predict the weather.

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