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How To Take A Singapore Passport Picture

Pictures used for official government-issued papers generally follow strict guidelines. This is also true for photos for passports issued in Singapore. The Southeast Asian nation would deny passport applications right away if the picture attached doesn’t conform to its picture standards. If you are requesting for a Singapore passport, make sure to follow instructions from the Singapore Passport Agency precisely to prevent rejection of your application. Better yet, have a professional photographer take your photo. They know precisely how to take a Singapore passport picture.

Singapore uses the standard passport photo size, which is 3.5 centimetres x 4.5 centimetres, as some Asian nations use, as well as in Australia, Britain, and Italy. The photo should be sharp and clear in matte or semi-matte texture and borderless. Submit 2 copies to the Agency or you can present a digital copy with 514×400 pixel in JPEG format, not exceeding 60KB, in a CD.

Make sure you’re looking directly into the camera with your eyes wide open when taking a passport picture. Your head should be upright and the whole of your head and the top of your shoulders must be visible, with your face positioned at the centre and measuring 2.5cm x 2.5cm from top to the chin. Any facial feature that you have, like moles, birthmarks, or tattoos, must be seen and not altered in the photo.

Take off your hat or any headgear in the photo, unless you wear them habitually for religious, racial, or cultural customs. And if you do, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your face in any way. You can also wear eyeglasses if you ordinarily wear them, but its frame shouldn’t cover your eyes and its lens shouldn’t capture glare from the flash. Sunglasses and other tinted lenses aren’t allowed. Take the photo against plain white background, but if your hair colour or headwear is in the same shade, you can use a slightly grey background.

passport photo singapore requirements, which are the same as the visa photo requirements, are very exacting. Any deviation from the standards given will be rejected. The Agency will even deny poor quality photo prints so make sure your picture is clear and has no discolouration or blemish on it. You can take your picture yourself using a digital camera, but to make sure that your photo follows all requirements, go to a professional photography service instead.

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