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How To Breeze Through Your First Wedding Coverage

So it’s your first time to cover a wedding. Whether you’re shooting on the side or just turned pro and about to shoot your first official client, you’re meant to feel as much jitters as the couple about to wed. Follow these photography tips to make your very first field day successful.

Ready your equipment. The quality of photos you would produce depends on numerous factors, but most significant of this is your ability as a photographer. However, without the right lens, sufficient memory card space, or else a fully charged battery, your camera will never serve its purpose and all your photography skills will remain stagnant. So check, and if possible double check, your gear before heading out of your office. Make sure that you have sufficient memory cards for the whole day, and that you have formatted each of them so they’re ready for use; charge your batteries; take some test shots with your camera; and finally, ready your lenses.

Hire a back-up shooter for your wedding, and use a second camera body as well. Having an assistant shooter will allow you to cover more ground and produce more varied shots from a single event. To make the most of this, set up a work plan for you as well as your assistant, identifying who shoots which parts and what types of shots are expected from each of you. This would also avoid duplicate shots that will simply come to waste by post-processing time. As for you, it’s recommended to bring two camera bodies where you could place two different lenses and avoid the hassle of switching in the middle of the event.

Bend down, and shoot the details. Take as many different angles as you could, because it is only when everything is finished and you are sitting in your office browsing through the pictures that you can appreciate how much simpler it is to work with many photos than with simply a few. Take close-ups, macro shots, bird’s eye view shots, and shoot from the hip and down low.

Lastly, shoot RAW. Every Wedding Photographer should never debate on the utility of the RAW format. You are going to print your photos, so might as well take as much detail as you could in every shot. This is something your camera’s RAW shooting functionality will easily cover. Bridal Photography is serious business, and you cannot afford to work on compressed JPEGs alone.

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