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How To Attract More Wedding Photography Clients Online

Decades ago, photography was an elite hobby and profession; cameras were obtained only by the rich; and films as well as the whole darkroom affair was one thing the average person would not consider twice. All these are already a thing of the past: digital photography has virtually eliminated the need for film in exchange for cheap, unlimited digital storage. DSLRs get cheaper and better every single day, and the Internet has come up with photography sensations overnight.

Not all photographers may feel too receptive of these rather rapid changes, but since this is today’s new reality, everybody who wishes to stay must hop in the bandwagon too. If you take photos of weddings for a living, this will mean having to market yourself on the Internet. Here are several things you could do to adapt and remain outstanding at the same time.

Create a clean, minimalist website to display your best work and let people contact you via email, phone, or through your photography studio. You have to invest in your own domain so you come off as professional, otherwise registering in one of those free blogging platforms would just look amateur. Update this website with your latest works to keep your visitors involved (nothing’s worse than a website that isn’t updated). You may also add a web-exclusive wedding photo album to your service packages in order to draw your clients to your website.

[[If you’re a singapore wedding photographer, you can also create your Facebook fan page as well as Twitter account so as to reach more potential customers on the web, as well as to keep your current and past clients up-to-date with your works. You will find that this isn’t only economical but also effective in keeping communication lines and project possibilities open. You can also utilise your social media accounts for Wedding Photography Singapore promo projects, like offering discounts to your Facebook fans or giving away prints and shoot sessions on your anniversary. All these are a great way to develop a community beyond your studio.]]

Of course, do not disregard the heart and soul of your craft: face-to-face interactions with people. Update your business with your Facebook fan page as well as website, and take the time to introduce these to individuals you hand your cards to. Consider your online image an invaluable, powerful tool to letting more and more people know about your brand as well as your services!

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