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Finding the Best Canon Digital Camera for the Holidays

Keeping up to date with new technology is difficult these days since new products are constantly being released. Digital cameras are no different, meaning that selecting a digital camera as a holiday gift can be time consuming. Each year, different camera companies release a wealth of new digital cameras loaded with sought after new features and it’s difficult to know what the best choice will be. One popular digital camera company is Canon.

Canon digital cameras are well known for their high quality optics, reliability and simplicity of use. Canon has attained a reputation for creating some of the best digital cameras and digital SLRs that you can buy, and is one of the leading manufacturers of digital cameras in the world today. Consumers wanting high quality cameras typically have at least a few cameras by Canon on their wish list. So when one looks at the PC Magazine’s winners of the Reader’s Choice Award for Service and Reliability, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the highest honors are often won by Canon. It also should be no surprise then that their cameras are reviewed very highly on a consistent basis.

Canon is not generally a cheap brand by any means. Despite this, Canon digital cameras have earned the status of best buy. This should show you that you get great value for the extra money. Recently, Canon has introduced a few models that are less expensive, while offering results that are quite respectable. The Canon PowerShot A1200 is one such camera. The A1200 has a small optical viewfinder which makes outdoor shooting easy as well as AA batteries, as opposed to most other models that can be found at this low of a price.

A lot of other Canon digital cameras have also earned high praise across the board, including the least expensive Powershot A series, the SD or ELPH series compact point-and-shoots, and the Rebel consumer dSLRs like the T4i. The majority of Canon camera buyers and fans are drawn to the brand as a result of the solid design, convenience and the incredible quality of picture provided by these digital cameras. The Canon enthusiast compacts found in the G and S series cameras are among the finest Canon digital cameras available. The advanced digital camera market has been dominated by these models for a few years now, being great for both amateurs and professionals that require something easily portable. For example, the Canon PowerShot G15 boasts a swiveling LCD screen, a 12 megapixel sensor and an extremely fast lens ideal for low light photography.

GPS and WiFi are features that Canon has been adding to its mid and high-end models recently to keep their cameras specifications right on the cutting edge. Although this separates them more clearly from models on the lower end of the spectrum, this also means that these cameras are more expensive. With so many features you can find and so many models available, it’s always in your best interest to do your research and read Canon digital camera reviews and ratings. Experts recommend reading reviews from users like you to find out if a specific model is right for you.

It’s completely normal to be overwhelmed by all the available choices. Seeking out a website that is unbiased and will provide you with informative reviews and recommendations is definitely the best way to start. Since this website is not an actual store, you can know that their camera ratings are always unbiased and it will be easier for you to find what you’re looking for. By doing this you will be able to find the perfect digital camera for the perfect price.

Douglas Hayward writes articles on the subject of digital camera photography. Click here to look at a recommended camera ratings site.

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