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Finding A Professional Photographer Calgary For Fashion And Portraiture

Portrait photography is about capturing an individuals personality in a photograph. A successful portrait will capture expressions and moments in an artistic and interesting way. Fashion photography is a form of portraiture aimed and promoting a fashion style or line of clothing or accessories. There will be a highly skilled and experience professional photographer Calgary that can produce excellent results.

Fashion photography is usually in the form of environmental portraiture, rather than head and shoulder images. Often the fashion element of the photography is not the only important factor, exotic locations and unusual photographic techniques are used. This is to enhance the product that is photographed. Still life fashion photography is also popular, where the clothes are photographed without a model wearing them.

Portraiture is often a part of a special occasion such as a graduation or a wedding. Professional people may also require a good portrait to help promote themselves. An actor or model may also need some high quality portraits for their comp card in order to promote themselves.

Both these types of photography are often done in a studio, when a location is not require for the images concept. Artificial lighting is usually used, either flash strobes or warm lights. Warm lights can be easier to use than strobes because the light is always on, so the lighting effects can be seen constantly. A DSLR is now the best tool for the job with appropriate lenses. However, some photographers still prefer film, especially black and white or color negative film, which often provides more artistic results.

This kind of photography can also be taken on location using natural light or with a portable lighting system. Cloud cover often produces the most flattering natural light, whereas direct sunlight can give harsh shadows. Reflectors or fill flash can even the light on the face, if a sunny day is required for the final image.

The lenses used for head and shoulder portraiture range from 50mm to 135mm focal length. Wide angles are sometimes employed for environmental full body portraits so the location is included in the scene. Wide angles are not generally suited for head and shoulder shots as they distort the facial features, although in some circumstances this may be a desirable effect.

Photographers may often use unusual techniques to create interesting effects, so there are no fixed rules. The Lo-Fi aesthetic has become increasingly popular, where poor lighting or focus are used for creative effect. Some photographers may use film and cheap plastic cameras to create interesting images. Of course black and white is still popular for portrait photography, particularly in the fine art photography scene. Black and white has the advantage of showing more expression and detail as the viewer is not distracted by color.

Whatever kind of fashion or portrait photography an individual may require, there will be an excellent professional photographer Calgary who can create excellent results. Search on the internet to see what services are available.

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