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Family Photograph As A Real Heritage

Our photographs with our loved ones during happy times and shot when we least expect it are perhaps the best photographs that we have. Since almost everybody has their own camera phone or digital camera nowadays, it’s probably safe to say that we have plenty of these photos already. But we also need a family picture, with all members complete, that we can proudly show to the children of our children. We have to have a professionally shot family photo that we can give as legacy to the subsequent generations.

In Singapore, a family picture is usually a picture of cultural range. And that’s the way it should be. Family pictures should reflect customs and traditions, and they must also reflect the personalities of the members. Because as much as they’re for the benefit of the members involved, family photos are also for the next generation. They are the ultimate family tribute that will carry their story for the generations to come.

As opposed to what others believe, family photography in Singapore doesn’t have to look stiff. Family members don’t necessarily have to look too rigid and formal while wearing their traditional attire or formal outfits. A smile from everybody in the picture can make it less formal. They can wear casual clothes if they choose to do so or they can make the photo shoot fun and casual by holding a photo theme. For example, they can put on outfits in the settled hue or dress in costumes reflecting certain eras.

But remember that the pictures have to be family and kid-friendly, similar to Children photography. It’s okay, and even encouraged, for the members to have fun during the pictorial session, but as there are most likely children and the elderly present, so it’s essential not to go overboard. Avoid improper themes and wearing risqu clothes.

It shouldn’t feel like a chore when taking a family photo. Others feel that it’s an unpleasant duty that they must do but it does not have to be that way. Make it fun for everybody by involving them in the planning stage and not just telling them to attend the photo session. Ask everybody for suggestion on the theme of the pictorial session or where they should hold it. Everybody would feel more involved if they have made a contribution to it.

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