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Canon Powershot SX50 HS

Camera companies love ‘world’s finest’ labels, no matter whether they truly are ‘world’s top’ or simply biggest, tiniest, longest, widest, quickest, smartest … or whackiest!

Nevertheless, it’s hard to ignore Canon and its description of the PowerShot SX50 HS as having the ‘world’s largest optical zoom range in a compact camera.’ Just because, at time of writing, it is!

Consider it in this manner: if you possessed a 35mm SLR film camera, wouldn’t you merely enjoy to clip on a zoom lens that varied from an enjoyably wide 24mm to a fearfully long 1200mm? I understand I would!

However, get real, and theorise about the physical practicality of such a 35mm movie lens! It would weigh a ton, stick far out from the camera and probably make up a wind danger! And forget handholding it.

In reality, the new Canon Powershot SX50 HS compact weighs just a little over half a kilo and is no larger than many compacts. Not pocketable but simple to hold, this new maxi zoom camera looks no larger than Canon’s first long zoom compact, the SX30 of 2 years back.

First off, you notice that the tiltable LCD screen is a little larger than many recent cameras, at 7.1 cm and has lesser resolution. Nonetheless, there is the turret viewfinder which is ideal for bright light shooting. I found it useful, to a certain degree, rather reduced in resolution however handy in pointing the camera!

The camera feels great in the hand and is well-balanced; you could possibly operate it entirely with the right hand with the lens at full broad … if you had to!

Leading deck: at left is the button to launch the flash; to the right are the shutter button and zoom lever sited on top of the popular speed grip; back a bit is the on/off button and mode dial where can be discovered positions for automobile, Program AE, aperture and shutter concern, scene modes, customized settings and so on

. At back: a shortcut button is at far left … this provides two opportunities to appoint a function; to the right is replay, the 4 means rocker to access macro, timer, ISO setting and exposure settlement; lesser is a button for the screen options, including access to the turret finder then the menu button.

There are 2 front mounted framework assist buttons which will considerably help using the long zoom: if you’re zoomed in at any distance, the button temporarily whizzes the zoom back to full wide to let you understand where you are, with a white summary indicating where you were (in tele)!

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