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Are You Ready To Add Photo Special Effects To Your Pictures?

People have a lot of fun with photography, but when they want to adds something special to pictures they add how to take special effects photos. There are a lot of trick and techniques you can use to get the best photos the first time around. Here are some learn great photo tips and tricks that you will want to use the next time you go out on a photo shooting trip.

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For the most part, these techniques will not require that you buy any kind of special equipment. With a good tripod and digital camera there is no reason you cannot get the best pictures day or night. In addition to that, you’ll need to have a software program so you can do some editing

Photography With Forced Perspective

Most of the time we thing of photo special effects as something that makes a person appearing larger than life while lifting something that in nature is larger than they are. For instance, some trick photos show a small person lifting or pushing a building. This trick is called forced perspective. In forced perspective an optical illusion is created by clever positioning.

You can achieve these photo special effects by placing the person closer to the camera while maintaining a view of the inanimate object. The live subject simply positions their hands as if they were lifting or holding something, and the camera is adjusted to line up for the perfect shot.

Photography For Tilt Shift

In tilt shift photography the photographer achieves the desired focus by shifting or tilting the camera lens. This is a techniques which is frequently used to create the image of miniatures from life size objects. It uses gradual blurring of portions of the picture and leaves others in sharper focus. You can use some software programs for this, but otherwise you may need a special lens. Some people even use smartphone apps for this purpose.

Photography With Long Exposure

You will frequently find that long exposure is included with most photo tips and tricks. These are often used for low light conditions such as nighttime photography. The shutter is set for longer durations to help you get sharper images of elements that are not moving, with blurred or smeared effects of moving objects. For crisper, clearer images it is critical that you use a tripod when attempting these photo special effects.

This technique is one used by photographers to capture city lights along with streaks of car lights in the foreground. Other times, the night skies are shown with trails of stars against the dark sky.

Photography is an art form, and as such you can create your own unique photos. By incorporating the photo tips and tricks above during your travels, you’ll be able to add more life to your everyday snapshots. You will be ahead of the rest of the crowd who typically takes uninteresting shots that are plain and lack detail. Having fun with the pictures you take won’t hurt a bit.

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