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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Graduation Photography

One of the days in an individual’s life that he’ll always cherish and remember will be the graduation day. Considered by some as the day when a youngster officially becomes an adult, this event is celebrated with either a plain family dinner or a fulsome graduation party. Although memorable, these gatherings tend to be momentary and don’t forever capture the fond memorable events of that day. As such, Graduates, particularly in Singapore, capture the memorable events more tangibly by having a photo studio portrait taken.

Everyone will concur that just by looking at a perfectly taken graduation photograph, happy memories of their schooldays come back to life. But then agian, less than perfect and, more often than not, somewhat embarrassing graduation pictures can be found hidden in some out of the way cupboard underneath a pile of outdated clothes. That is why graduates hire a professional photographer in Singapore to take their portraits. Nowadays, they don’t want to take chances.

Hiring a professional photographer has its advantages over having your parent take your photographs in a graduation gown. For those who don’t know, a certain skill set is necessary to take perfect photographs. Basically, a professional knows how to do proper lighting, knows the right camera angle to use, and knows how to instruct the graduate to do the proper pose. He also knows how to edit the photograph, just in case of slight imperfections. As such many people choose to hire professionals for graduation portraits.

Come graduation season, photographers are usually swamped with clients so it is usually hard to get one if you start searching late. If you are fortunate enough to get one, chances are that photographer will have too many clients and won’t give you the attention to detail that is required to take a beautiful photo. What people would normally do is they get their portraits done before hand, sometimes even several weeks before the actual graduation takes place. Yet there are some who also have their portraits taken after graduation, just to make sure that it’s done perfectly.

Graduation will always be, a day to remember. It triggers nostalgia in individuals, and never fails to bring a smile to those who recall that day, even years after. A perfectly taken portrait will reinforce those happy memories and make sure that they last forever.

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