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9 Secrets To Uncovering The Essence Of Architectural Photography

Boston architectural photography is not just about following the linear pattern literally and putting two and two together. It requires the understanding of how lines and patterns work to lead your attention towards a focus point, even without showing it outright. Here are 9 tips to polishing your skills and making the viewing audience discern the character of your photos with depth.

Photography is all about light, for without it, you will not be able to capture anything in the first place. Therefore, a study of this craft requires you to understand the nature of light and its behavior in different parts of the day. This will also help you in discerning proper exposure and how to make HDR images.

Whatever the body of the camera is, you need to use the appropriate glass or lens. Considering that you are photographing buildings that are larger than you even when multiplied by tenfold, you need a lens that wide angled. This helps you fit the subject in the frame without having to move back farther.

Meanwhile, the architectural features of the building is not only limited to the facade. Expect to cover the interiors as well. However, you might have to adjust your white balance to counter the artificial lighting. To get as much accuracy, consider different techniques such as long exposure or the use of filters and external flashes. This is so you can retain the right temperature when translated to colors.

Silhouettes are also a hit with people who shoot architecture. This is perfect when the sun is about to set and you want to photograph the building against the beautiful skyline. What you can do is shoot from a position wherein the subject is set against the sun, as this gives it the shadowed look.

Even when you worry about the weather, use it as a challenge to explore your limits. In fact, you can play with the lighting and experiment on concepts. Bright days call for vibrancy while gloomy ones are all about drama and contrast. Think about the possibilities, let your mind work and translate it into a visual masterpiece.

Be mindful of the presence of reflections. Usually, you can play around with a lot of mirror like concepts when there are puddles on the street you are walking on. For a more rural appeal, you can shoot landscapes in front of the river and see the creative distortions that come out of it.

Even when you get this feeling that you know enough, you should not remain complacent about settling for what is there. Expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge, as there are many inspirations that are waiting to be uncovered. You just need the patience to seek for them so you will stay motivated.

When you have a good eye for details, that means that you can also properly compose your subject. This is the key to making every detail work. With practice, the good taste for beautiful composition will grow in you and it will be second nature. If this information about boston architectural photography is enough to entice you, then pick up that camera and start shooting.

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